Why spectrum sharing?

The amount of data transferred with wireless technologies increases all the time. Some estimates predict data growth explosion of 1000 times during the next 10 years. Industry and regulators have three different directions to pursue in order to fulfill wireless capacity requirements: more spectrum efficient data transmission techniques, smaller cell sizes, and spectrum sharing. WISE2 project focuses on the latter topic as depending on wireless system there can be substantial temporal and geographical differences how spectral resources are utilized during communications.

Why to focus on incumbent protection?

In spectrum sharing, WISE2 specifically addresses incumbent protection issues. Incumbent users, that is, users originally allowed to operate in licensed radio frequency band, have a right to use that band securely and reliably. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that the incumbent use is protected. Operations with incumbent management must be automatic and transparent for incumbent users. This lowers the resistance e.g. in regulation from incumbent interest groups, which may in worst case scenario delay or prevent the progress of spectrum sharing being commercially allowed.

WISE2 approach

Incumbent manager is a cloud service that allows simple registration of incumbent devices.

• Interference measurements are performed to verify protection ratios between incumbent use and co-primary, or secondary use.

• Service pilots and demonstrations are implemented to show regulatory bodies and industry that these solutions are viable for business and incumbent protection can be implanted reliably.