TVWS Testbed

WISE test environment consist of following components:

• DVB test network: Turku DVB test network celebrated its 10th anniversary in August 2010. Originally the network was built by Digita and Nokia to support DVB-T system development in Turku. Since then, the network has been used to test DVB-H mobile TV technology, HDTV transmissions with DVB-T2, and Asian mobile TV technologies ISDB-T and CMMB. Test network has been constantly developed in Tekes funded projects first by RTT Oy, and since 2005 in Eureka/Celtic cluster program projects Wing TV, B21C, and ENGINES.

Fairspectrum geolocation database

• Turku University of Applied Sciences Radio laboratory: The laboratory contains all the necessary equipment to perform measurements and testing. TVWS equipment available are NeulNet and Carlson Wireless.

• Simulation environment complements the test network and allows analyses that are difficult implement with measurements.